Dallas Mom Creates Cleaning Spray for Pacifiers, Suckers

Tasty Clean's all-natural disinfectant spray preps for wider launch, new products.

Tasty Clean started as a quick way for parents to disinfect suckers, pacifiers or anything else a child might drop on the ground.

Jessica Gore came up with the idea when her son dropped a sucker on the ground while standing in line. The ensuing temper tantrum made her wish there was a magical spray she could use to sterilize the sucker.

“We have fact-based evidence to show that this really works.” Jessica Gore

Thus, the idea of Tasty Clean was born. The spray contains apple cider vinegar and other natural products that are safe, taste good, and kill bacteria. It works in about 30 seconds and kills 99 percent of germs.

“We have fact-based evidence to show that this really works,” Gore said.

The website shows cherry and grape flavors but they have four new flavors in research and development. None of them contain sugar.

[ Photo: Courtesy of Tasty Clean ]

“We don’t have a direct competitor at this point,” Gore said. “The benefit to this product is that it tastes really, really good.”


The Dallas startup is branching out to target new markets with new products while also researching new flavors.

[ Image: Courtesy of Tasty Clean ]

Gore presented Tasty Clean at 1 Million Cups at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center recently. She said she made $7,000 in sales in 2016 but is looking to grow in 2017. She recently switched to a new manufacturer who doesn’t have a cap so she’s ready for a wider launch.

“There really isn’t an order that cannot be met at this point,” she said.

Beyond just young parents, Tasty Clean is branching out to sports, orthodontics, camping, and musicians. It could be used to clean mouth guards, retainers, camping dishes, and mouthpieces on instruments.

Tasty Clean may also expand to wipes and portable key chain-size sprays.

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