Dallas Company’s Aquaculture Tech Putting Shrimp on Plates Year Round

NaturalShrimp's patent pending technology can produce gourmet quality Pacific white shrimp without using antibiotics, probiotics, or anti-microbial chemicals.


Do you enjoy fresh shrimp? The next shrimp you find on a plate just might have been raised indoors in Texas using leading edge tech.

Publicly traded, Dallas-based company NaturalShrimp has created a patent pending aquaculture technology that produces gourmet quality Pacific white shrimp year round.

“NaturalShrimp’s disruptive water technology creates a sustainable competitive advantage.”

Brian Connell

The shrimp are grown in NaturalShrimp’s production facilities located near San Antonio in La Coste, Texas, featuring indoor recirculating saltwater and its patent pending Vibrio Suppression Technology, which is described as being able to “reliably and consistently” produce fresh shrimp 52 weeks a year on a commercial scale.

A report from equity research firm Harbinger Research stated NaturalShrimp’s proprietary technology surpasses biofloc tech commonly employed in aquaculture applications such as competing shrimp farming companies. The Harbinger Research report touted NaturalShrimp as “strong speculative buy” based in part on its technological advances in aquaculture.

“NaturalShrimp’s disruptive water technology creates a sustainable competitive advantage,” said Brian Connell, CFA and senior research analyst at Harbinger Research, in a statement.

A key benefit of NaturalShrimp’s Vibrio Suppression Technology over biofloc tech is it addresses the issue of infectious agents including parasites, bacteria, and viruses without using antibiotics, probiotics, or anti-microbial chemicals. The result is a system that allows for higher farming densities as well as improved survival rates and food conversion at its facilities.

“The first time I tried it, I popped the head off and ate it raw.”

Chef Michael Scott

The company delivered its first purchase order in fall 2015 to Dallas’ Northwood Club. At the time, Michael Scott served as Northwood’s executive chef and became NaturalShrimp’s first culinary partner. He is now corporate chef and sales manager for Dallas’ Jack Rose Cattle Company/Rosewood Ranches Texas Wagyu Beef. He recently told Born2Invest he ranks NaturalShrimp’s product as comparable to sushi-grade Japanese sweet shrimp because of its purity.

“It’s the best domestic, all-natural shrimp I have ever tasted,” Scott told Born2Invest. “The first time I tried it, I popped the head off and ate it raw. There was nothing impeding its delicate, buttery, distinctive flavor.”

NaturalShrimp was founded in 2001 by Gerald Easterling, Bill G. Williams, and Tom Untermeyer. Along with its La Coste facility, the company also has a European partner with a production facility in Medina del Campo, Spain.

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