Dallas-Based Synerzip and Merger Partner Prime Technology Group Launch Globally as Excellarate

Synerzip founder and CEO Hemant Elhence is named president of Excellarate, with a team of 1,000+ engineers across North America and India.

synerzip Hemant Elhence

That sound you hear is more than 1,000 engineers flicking out their new business cards.

Dallas-based software development company Synerzip merged with Pennsylvania-based Prime Technology Group, a global tech services provider, back in December. Today the combined company launched globally as Excellarate.

Synerzip, founded by Hemant Elhence (above), told Dallas Innovates that its operations in Dallas and all other locations will continue unaffected, with fifteen to 20 employees currently local to Dallas.

Elhence will serve as president of Excellarate.

Backed by Chicago private equity firm Frontenac, which recapitalized Prime in 2019, Excellarate offers more than 20 years of deep domain expertise in healthcare, insurance, finance and enterprise technology, the company said in a statement.

Excellarate has a team of 1,000+ engineers across North America and India, 100+ domain experts, and more than 250 customers across all industries, ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 companies. Its client base include Change Healthcare, Ad Giants, Alchemy Systems, and Centric Software.

The name says it all

“Our company name, Excellarate, came to life based on one of our core purposes—to excel with innovation,” said Sonu Agarwal, chief marketing officer, in a statement. 

“At Excellarate, our goal is to empower companies to advance every aspect of their digital transformation, ” added CEO Nick Sharma. “As a trusted partner to accelerate innovation and achieve business agility, we look forward to serving a wider range of clients with Prime and Synerzip’s combined proficiencies in product engineering with deep domain expertise for highly regulated industries.”

Elhence believes combining the two companies made perfect vertical and horizontal sense. “The merger of Prime and Synerzip to form Excellarate enables us to offer a powerful combination of vertical industry expertise and the horizontal agile development capabilities to our clients,” he said in the statement. “Excellarate will allow its clients to advance their digital transformation, at scale, and cost efficiently.”


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