Dallas-based Medcillary Meets Niche Needs for PPE

When COVID hit, Medcillary wanted to help the medical practices they serve. Now they're offering masks and other protective gear to first-time PPE buyers like the TV and film industry.

Since the pandemic began, Dallas-based Medcillary has offered millions of masks and other personal protective items. That doesn’t sound unusual until you learn that the company providing specialty services and products to medical practices wasn’t selling PPE before March.

“PPE is not typically what we do,” CEO Jon Boski said in a release. “We’ve been sourcing a variety of PPE for our clients since the outbreak of coronavirus began in the U.S.”

They’ve gotten so good at finding the gear that they are helping businesses that didn’t need PPE until COVID-19 hit. The most recent industry is the television and film production sector where work is resuming on sets. With crews ranging from a dozen to 600 people, the TV and film industry is adopting procedures to keep from spreading the virus, mainly wearing masks and gloves, and using non-contact thermometers and disinfectants.

What do folks in that business want?

Reliability and fast turnarounds,” said Boski. “It’s another industry with niche needs inside a new product arena they never before had to consider.”

Medcillary also is marketing masks, etc., to other newcomers to PPE: restaurants, schools, health clubs, and consumers.

Back in March, team members started tracking down PPE for medical practice employees struggling to cope with the demands of COVID out of a desire to help their customers.

According to a company press release, “We found out we’re really good at sourcing PPE – who knew?”

In a matter of weeks, the team had established suppliers from all over the world and a national distribution network to fill orders.

They were so good at finding masks and other protective gear that they started offering them online to consumers and niche markets, dovetailing with mandatory mask orders in Texas and elsewhere.

“As a healthcare company that has been dealing with things like PPE for years, we’re positioned to help. It’s the right thing to do,” Boski said.

The company’s mission is to “prepare physicians for tomorrow, today.”

Boski said, “It became apparent quickly that tomorrow was and is COVID. For everyone.”

Established in 2015, Medcillary operates in 49 states offering comprehensive clinical and laboratory services, procedure trays, cutting edge surgical hardware, and other items to assist medical practices. The healthcare solution company aims to be a single point of contact for physicians with everything from services to hardware.

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