Culture Cues: Fast-Growing Fintech Alkami Takes a Balanced Approach to Innovation

“For us, the alchemy is transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary,” says Adrianne Court, Alkami's Chief Human Resource Officer.

A version of this story first published in Dallas Innovates—The Tech Talent Issue.

Alkami draws its name from a phonetic spelling of “alchemy,” the medieval science that sought to turn ordinary metals into gold. Alkami describes to its employees and customers the need for balance between the various aspects of its business, like sales, which it likens to the ancient conception of the elements—fire, water, wind, and earth.

“Our founder, Stephen Bohanon, had worked for software companies and technology companies before. He always found them to be lopsided, like they were a sales and marketing-driven company or focused on research and development,” says Adrianne Court, chief human resources officer. “By having the elements, not one is more important than the other.”

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So “fire” is their sales team. Foundational functions like HR, finance, and accounting are the earth. Water is the product team, and wind is the company’s client implementation and support functions. “For us, the alchemy is transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary,” Court says.

The culture of space

It’s something of an ironic twist that the fast-growing fintech moved into offices previously occupied by a traditional bank. The vault, which is original to the space, now contains the company’s “most precious commodities”: Its employees and clients.

CEO Stephen Bohanon in the vault at the company’s Plano headquarters. [Photo: Michael Samples]

The design of the company’s new space at Granite Park was spearheaded by design and architecture firm Gensler.

Alkami says it places high importance on a collaborative environment that’s equipped for a culture based on personal and professional transformation. Alkami employees work and play hard: There’s an ongoing leadership development program, continuous learning opportunities at Alkami University, volunteer programs, an on-site gym, and free lunch.


Alkami Technology nearly doubled its headquarters space last year at Granite Park in Plano, shown here. [Photo Courtesy Alkami Technology]

A company’s space can be a reflection of its culture. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the company’s Plano headquarters. Photos are courtesy of Alkami.

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