Children Can Breathe Easy with Asthma 411 Program

Tarrant County is expanding Asthma 411 program to provide schools with the proper training and equipment to reduce asthma-related health issues.

Asthma 411

A new program is reducing the consequences that arise as a result of asthma in students. 

With children having to miss school after severe asthma attacks that often lead to 911 calls, Tarrant County leaders and educators are working to expand a program that helps to keep students in class by controlling their breathing.   

Asthma 411, the program piloted by the University of North Texas Health Science Center with the help of Cook Children’s, equips campus nurses with nebulizers, face masks, tubing, and albuterol. 


The program has been successful in aiding with asthma-related health issues at Eastern Hills Elementary and Forest Oak Middle School since 2013. Just this year, 18 campuses were added to the program. 

Asthma related calls to 911 decreased significantly, as did asthma related absences, which dropped by 52 percent, according to the UNT Health Science Center. 

The district plans on expanding even further this fall after the program’s success. 

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