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ICYMI: What’s New and Next in Dallas-Fort Worth Innovation Today

Posted by Dallas Innovates | Staff Report

News travels fast, and we’re here to help you keep up.

Every weekday, Dallas Innovates brings you up to date on what you may have missed in the region’s innovation, technology, and impact news. From startup to enterprise, education to invention, and creative to social innovation, here’s our daily mix of what’s new and next in Dallas-Fort Worth.

These North Texas Innovators Had ‘The Last Word’

Posted by Dallas Innovates | Staff Report

These quotable North Texans inspire, inform, motivate, or simply make us laugh.

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Friday, July 30

“We’ve been looking forward to putting these vehicles up against the Dallas and Fort Worth summer heat.”

Jacobs Named Program Partner for $3.47B DISD 2020 Bond Program

Posted by David Seeley

Dallas-based engineering giant Jacobs has been selected as one of the program management firms for the $3.47 billion Dallas Independent School District (DISD) 2020 Bond Program.

The largest ISD project in Texas history, the program will deliver improvements to more than 200 of DISD’s 230 campuses.…

From a COVID Breathalyzer Test to Chemical Weapons Detection, UNT Professor Develops Sensors that Sniff Out Diseases and Dangerous Substances

Posted by Sandra Engelland

Chemical weapons are one of the gravest threats faced by the American military and civilians alike. But sensors developed by  University of North Texas scientist Guido Verbeck and UNT student Camila Virgen may make all of us a little safer. 

Verbeck and Virgen collaborated with Swiss-based Inficon, which creates gas leak-detecting sensors, to test next-gen instrumentation for chemical weapons detection.…

Apply Now:
Here Are 15-Plus Opportunities for Dallas Innovators

Posted by Dallas Innovates | Staff Report

North Texas is a big place, with plenty of opportunities. 

So, we’re constantly on the lookout for contests and competitions, recognition programs, and available grants innovators can apply for. Keep in mind that application information may change at any time, so check the official websites for the latest details.…

Calendar: Not-to-Miss Events for Innovators in Dallas-Fort Worth

Posted by Dallas Innovates | Staff Report

North Texas has plenty to see, hear, and watch. 

But in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, things to do are a little different. We’ve rounded up a few events and activities for innovators so you can stay involved from the comfort of your home or six feet away.

Urban Air Adventure Park Forms Unleashed Brands, Acquires Snapology, a Creative Play Company

Posted by David Seeley

Urban Air Adventure Park turned a single trampoline park in Southlake into a worldwide chain of indoor adventure parks, with everything from indoor skydiving to climbing walls, bumper cars, a warrior course, an adventure hub, and more. Now the team behind Urban Air is expanding into play-based STEAM and STEM education by forming Unleashed Brands—which has acquired Snapology, the #1 children’s enrichment franchise in the country.

Is Your Pet Family? SMU Sociologist Says “Multispecies Families” Impact Birth Rates, Job Location, Disasters, and More

Posted by David Seeley

Your labradoodle may look fluffy and innocent. But that fur baby may be transforming life as we know it—affecting America’s birth rate, job location choices, disaster evacuations, and more.

You know you do it. You let your cat steal the covers.…

AllianceTexas’ Mobility Innovation Zone Partners With Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Posted by David Seeley

From flying cars to driverless trucks to drone deliveries, the future of mobility could change the way we live. But a lot of R&D is needed first, and it’s happening big-time at the Mobility Innovation Zone—the “MIZ”—at AllianceTexas in North Fort Worth.

SMU Professor Gets $315K Grant To Create New Disaster Evacuation Models

Posted by David Seeley and Alex Edwards

Hurricanes don’t happen in a vacuum. They crash into everyday life, wrecking cities and flooding whole regions with killer destructive force. Catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina raise big questions: Why weren’t we prepared? Why did so many have to die or be left stranded without critical supplies?

Safer Air, Safer Streets: North Texas Center for Mobility Technologies Announces First Two Fundings

Posted by David Seeley

In the future, pilotless aircraft will buzz through the air above us, carrying everything from people to cargo. And as cities embrace carbon-neutral transportation, bike lanes will become more common nationwide. Those two innovations come with risks: unmanned aircraft can be battered by storms and other hazards; and bikes are in danger of being struck by cars.

UNT Chancellor Lesa Roe, the First Woman to Lead the System, to Retire

Posted by Bella Pinera

Effective March 31, 2022, The University of North Texas System’s Chancellor Lesa B. Roe will retire following a career that spanned four years at the UNT System and 33 years as an electrical engineer and executive at NASA. She was the first woman named to lead the system.

Dallas-Based Edutainment Startup Banneky Has a New Way to Promote Diversity in STEM Careers 

Posted by Alyssa Mora

Local tech education platform Banneky has formed a new collaboration with Warner Bros. Pictures and Microsoft—called “Find Your Seat”—to educate and create diversity in STEM careers for the next generation in an entertaining way. 

The Dallas-based company is hyper-focused on middle and high school students who love art, sports, and gaming.

How North Texas Can Become a Top‑Ranked National Technology Innovation Hub

Posted by Bill Sproull

With North Texas’ rapidly developing landscape of innovation ecosystems and the global connectivity we already have in place, we have become one of the nation’s leading technology hubs, joining the ranks of long-established and globally recognized urban innovation centers like Seattle and Raleigh/Durham.

DI People: Argano, ZeOmega, TracyLocke, UNT, and More Make Moves

Posted by Alex Edwards

Across North Texas, companies are promoting and hiring people to take on leadership positions within their organizations.

Dallas Innovates covers prominent personnel moves in Dallas-Fort Worth businesses and nonprofits—from the newest startups to well-established companies. Here are the people moves tied to innovation and technology in the region.…

HSC Awarded CPRIT Grant To Increase Diversity in Cancer Researchers

Posted by Alex Edwards

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas awarded a $3.9 million grant to The University of North Texas Health Science Center (HSC) in Fort Worth to expand a program that aims to create more diversity in the medical and biomedical sciences fields.

EdTech Startup Language Learning Market Expanding Its Corporate HQ in McKinney

Posted by David Seeley

McKinney-based Language Learning Market got its start when its founder and CEO, Allison Monroe, couldn’t find a company with the resources she needed to teach her four children multiple languages. So she founded one of her own and grew it globally, with offices in Mexico, India, and Jordan.

Ready, Set, Innov8:
Teens, Adults Invited To Hack for Pediatric Health Care Quandaries

Posted by Dave Moore

Yo ho, yo ho, a coder/innovator’s life for me.
 – Modified from Disney’s “Peter Pan”

Let’s face it: Coders and other innovators live the life many teens dream about — staying up late, gorging on pizza and Cheesy Poofs, while conniving with besties to obliterate problems.…

The Perot Museum Goes Hollywood With Season One of “The Whynauts” Online Kids Series

Posted by Alex Edwards

One kid flies over skyscrapers, then stumbles on a rattlesnake in a box canyon. Another meets a coyote in the Cedar Ridge Preserve and uses a holographic disk to encounter a teeth-gnashing beaver. Every episode of “The Whynauts” brings a fun adventure in science—through the magic of a green screen, digital effects, and VR and AR simulations.

El Peso Hero Comic Book Series Surpasses 10th Anniversary Kickstarter Goal; Movie In Works

Posted by David Seeley

Hector Rodriguez III wears many hats—and all of them are a little heroic. A McKinney ISD fifth-grade bilingual teacher by day, he’s a comic book creator once the final bell rings—known for his 10-year series of El Peso Hero adventures. 

The co-founder and CEO of Rio Bravo Comics didn’t stop there.…