Bluetooth Umbrella Offers Weather Forecast in Rain Gear

The Opus One is an umbrella that gives smart phone technology yet another real-world application.

Former Samsung engineers have built an umbrella to put the weather forecast in your rain gear. 

Opus One’s handle, resembling a bowler-hatted gentleman or a Queen’s guard, links with smartphones via Bluetooth and uses weather reports to prepare users for the elements, according to an Engadget article.

The handle uses red or green lights to signal if it’s a rainy day or not. It will also vibrate to alert users of incoming calls or text messages while the Bluetooth tether will ensure that neither phone nor umbrella is left behind.

The device runs on four AAA batteries that have a one-year lifespan with regular use. 

According to Engadget, the startup is looking for distributors in the western world, but currently, the product is only available in Japan and Korea.

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