Finding the ‘Pathway to Success’: How Julian Placino Turned His Podcast Into a Full-Time Job

Former Bottle Rocket Sr. Recruiting Lead Julian Placino turned an interest in entrepreneurship into a permanent gig after he decided to launch a podcast called "Pathways to Success"—now garnering a loyal following, 60,000 downloads, and a perfect five-star rating.

Julian Placino has always been interested in the world of entrepreneurship.

After spending several years overseeing talent acquisition at Addison-based Bottle Rocket, the UNT grad finally made the push to put his interests to the test, and decided to try something new.

So, he launched a podcast called “Pathways to Success” during Rocket Science, a company-wide event of creativity that Bottle Rocket hosts annually.

[Photo: Rebeca Posadas-Nava]

“I tried a lot of different things—I’ve done network marketing, real estate businesses,” Placino told Dallas Innovates. “But, around 2016, I was really kind of burning out of trying to find my entrepreneurial identity. I was just sort of doing things for money.”

Pathways to Success is a podcast that features a different entrepreneur each week, where listeners can learn more about an individual’s unique journey. The podcast goes live every Monday, and offers advice, next steps, and a wide array of stories told by successful people from around the world. From leaders in business, to health and fitness, personal development, and more, Placino has recorded 144 episodes and counting.

[Photo: Rebeca Posadas-Nava]

Within the first few months of the podcast’s launch, listeners from over 43 countries had tuned in. And, since then, Placino’s own ‘pathway to success’ has been continuously on the rise.

In the past few years, the Dallas-based podcast has gained a loyal following that spans 12 countries, has accumulated over 60,000 downloads, and has earned a perfect five-star rating on iTunes. 

But just how did Placino’s “passion project” gain so much traction? 

“I look for people who have really interesting stories,” Placino says. “It’s all about having conversations that educate, inform, inspire, and transform.” Currently, his interview schedule is solidly booked through August, with no signs of slowing down. 

[Photo: Rebeca Posadas-Nava]

Placino has interviewed many of Dallas’ finest entrepreneurs, including Cornbread Hustle founder Cheri Garcia, and Dean of the Simmons School of Education at SMU Dr. Stephanie L. Knight. He covers a wide range of people—life coaches, digital media strategists, and authors—but attributes his success in creating his own personal brand to something surprisingly simple.

Julian Placino records a podcast with another local, April Melton—a client manager, fellow podcast host, and personal trainer—who shares her weight loss journey and how she empowers women. [Photo: Rebeca Posadas-Nava]

“I think I was just really consistent. I’ve produced one new episode every Monday for the past two years,” Placino says. 

Along with the podcast, Placino has been signed by the Kim Dawson Talent Agency, which has expanded his career into the world of acting, modeling, and voice-over work for companies like NFL and Southern Methodist University.

His podcast has also lead him away from his job at Bottle Rocket and into a role as leadership trainer and strategy consultant to IT staffing companies, where he can live out his interests and be a full-time entrepreneur. 

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