And the Survey Says: Millennials Really Love Dallas’ Value

In describing Dallas, the word “people” was a key factor.

Dallas is a great value for millennials, ranking third out of 22 cities nationwide in the U.S., according to the Cities Scorecard for Millennials.

In the survey conducted by the Langston Co. in partnership with, Houston came out on top as the best value, followed by Atlanta. Minneapolis and Austin trailed Dallas on the list that is based on a survey of nearly 3,000 millennials across 22 U.S. metro areas. The millennial generation is generally between the ages of 18 and 35.

Value is based on overall costs (what you give to live in a city) versus overall benefits (what you get from living in that city.)

In describing Dallas, the word “people” was a key factor. Other descriptors included entertainment, great, friendly, culture, living, food, opportunities, city, and family. Among the negatives, people noted traffic, construction, transportation, crowds, homelessness, and crime.

Some cities score high in ‘best in category’

The survey noted that while Houston, Atlanta, and Dallas offer the best overall value, other cities came out well in “best in category,” in a variety of notable social, economic, and cultural arenas.

For example, access to nature was led by Denver, Seattle, and Portland. Salary potential was led by New York, Washington, D.C., and Houston.

The three Texas cities understandably topped the category of Fair Income Taxes. Texas has no state income tax.

The survey noted that millennials’ social, economic, and political power have generated massive interest among companies and governments who want to attract and retain well-educated millennial employees and residents.

A generation of creating, generating

It’s a generation in hot demand because of skills and creativity.

“I think we are a generation that likes to create and generate, and so we are always looking for new ideas and how to do it better,” Amber Venz Box, co-founder of rewardStyle, recently told NBC 5. “We somehow don’t have a fear of change.”

The U.S. Cities Scorecard for Millennials isn’t the only survey that casts Dallas in a favorable light with millennials.

Mayflower, the national moving company, recently noted in a survey that Dallas is one of the Top 10 cities to move to, and that millennials, in general, are drawn to urban areas. The Mayflower survey noted that 66 percent of millennials find a city to call home because of job opportunities, affordable cost of living (60 percent), and good housing options (58 percent).

The Dallas area clearly fits the bill on all those needs.

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