Barton Damer: His Art Resonates Pop Culture


Editor’s Note: The <Art / Code> event will bring together 15 digital artists to show off their cutting-edge work at the Aria Stone Gallery on July 27. The event is curated by David Rodriguez (aka Dr. Gorilla) and hosted by Digital Dallas. Today we feature digital artist Barton Damer.

Award-winning digital artist Barton Damer will be exhibiting a collection of his work that features digital illustrations, motion graphics, and 3D animation done under the studio name Already Been Chewed at the < Art / Code > event.


Award-winning artist Barton Damer [Submitted photo]

His work is influenced by skateboarding, basketball, and hip-hop culture, and he says his “inspiration” can be seen in his work with clients such as Nike, Dew Tour, and Vans shoes.


Damer’s studio strives to create artwork that resonates with pop culture.

“We love getting to use our artwork to tell stories about brands we love and brands that value creativity and excellence,” Damer said.

The studio’s most recent work connected it with one of the biggest names in filmmaking.

“We recently created a series of animated spots for Star Wars x Nixon watches,” Damer said. “This project was a blast because we worked with Lucasfilms and were able to create the concepts from scratch and get really creative with it.”

Damer said that commercial artist must constantly change and evolve along with the new software being used.

“So our work is always changing and progressing as we add on new software and equipment that allows us to push our craft further,” he said.

Damer’s influence influences in skateboarding, basketball and hip hop culture has enabled Already Been Chewed “to carve out a demand from all sorts of brands that allow our studio to combine our passions into our daily work routine,” Damer said.


He said artists wanting to pursue their passions should not be afraid to “design for the job they want … not the job they have.”  

They should make sure that they are posting their work online and, “getting it out there,” Damer said.

“Only post the types of projects you are wanting to land more of — even if they are just personal projects and not professional,” he said.

Already Been Chewed is focused on developing creative content for a variety of ever-changing mediums such as projection mapping, Interactive QR codes, 3d TV,  and 360 virtual reality.

“So, while our canvas changes regularly, our ability to create unique and engaging content for those different mediums always presents new and fun challenges,” Damer said.

Damer’s digital artwork has been featured in the Blackall Gallery in London as well as OneDotZero in Berlin, among other shows.

Digital Dallas <Art / Code> Event 

On July 27, the worlds of art and code will collide from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Aria Stone Gallery, where Dallas’ top digital artists will show us how they’re taking digital design to new electronic heights. Drinks, food, and music from Digital Dallas’ roster of DJs will be provided. The gallery is at 1617 Hi Line Drive, Suite 310, in Dallas. Check it out here.


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