What’s it Like to Run Match? Here’s the Answer

Digiday took a look at a day in the life of Match Group's top executive

Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg is a wife and mother to two children. She has to ensure the success of the well-known dating site while maintaining a busy lifestyle — which mixes travel, meetings, and social engagement — with her family life at home.

Digiday recently took a look at a typical day in Ginsberg’s life and found her constantly on the go, meeting with employees, and making decisions.

Because Match.com is such a driving force in online dating, Ginsberg receives all types of questions requesting help for dating problems, which she answers and gives solutions in order to help improve their dating techniques. Many people come to her because they consider her to be a well-known dating expert, who knows how to solve most problems. 

The reality is, it’s a data- and metrics-driven business, and she gets much of her information from the data generated by Match’s own systems, she said

“It is about love and connections, but it’s about how many people have signed up, are there any glitches in the system and how many mutual matches have there been,” Ginsberg said.

While using the data to determine how to improve and increase the company’s marketing, Ginsberg also uses the data to improve her customers’ relationships and dating lives.

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