UNT Professor Shines With Anti-Glare Coating for Glass

Diana Berman has created a coating to prevent glare on glass that can be used to improve solar panels and other reflective surfaces.


A professor at the University of North Texas has a solution for people who struggle with glare on reflective glass surfaces. She did it a simple coating. 

Diana Berman, a professor of material science at the College of Engineering, has created a coating that helps to minimize the glare that appears when light hits glass surfaces. 

“This could help the everyday person in many ways.”
Diana Herman

“This could help the everyday person in many ways,” Berman told UNT News. “For example, when you look at your cellphone outside, it’s hard to read because of the light reflection. This could change that. It could also help when you’re driving. Think of how the sun’s glare on your car windshield can make visibility difficult at certain times of the day. This could help lessen that. It could even help with the glasses you wear.”

Berman partnered with Argonne National Laboratory for her project, and her research was just published in ACS Nano, an online journal.

Her initial goal was to make solar panels work more efficiently, but Berman was excited to see the many ways that the coating can be used. 

“This starts with solar, but goes beyond that,” she told UNT News. “It could work with windows, glasses — anything. It can design a specific material for any surface that needs an anti-reflective coating.”

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