Uber to Give Donated School Supplies a Ride

The donated school supplies will be distributed to students in the Dallas area


Much like opening the app and requesting a ride for yourself, on Friday, Aug. 19, you can request an Uber driver to pick up donated school supplies.

Between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., Uber will have an option available to pick up any donated school supplies, free of charge, and drop them off at the North Texas Teachers Resource Center. The supplies then will be distributed to students in the area. 

“Every child deserves the right to learn and achieve their fullest potential. It’s through great partnerships like KINF, UberSCHOOL, and the community that this is made possible,” said Gilbert Young, of the North Texas Teachers Resource Center.

Yoobi, a school and office supply company that works on a buy-one, give-one initiative, will be donating supplies for every purchase made on its website on Friday. 

To participate, open your Uber app during the designated times and move the slider on the bottom of the screen to the SCHOOL option, request a vehicle to pick up your donations, and help a child in need.

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