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We provide immersive experiences that change lives. We’re a 13-week in-person coding bootcamp with a dedicated career support team. Our students are expected to learn the skills needed to apply for entry-level, full-stack development positions. Students are taught Git, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, React, Node, and SQL, among other programming languages, and develop three portfolio projects and polish their LinkedIn profiles.

Hideo Hansen: President of DevMountain

How does your company contribute to the talent pool in Dallas?

As a coding bootcamp, we’re always on the hunt for students who have the potential to be the leaders of the tech industry. It takes a lot of gumption to be successful in the programs at Devmountain, since we have high expectations of students to learn quickly, thoroughly, and produce portfolio-worthy projects. We’ve got a knack for teaching not only programming languages, but also life skills and a work ethic that make our alumni valuable employees for Dallas businesses. 
We also know how important it is for Dallas to have an inclusive workforce, so we are launching a diversity scholarship in 2020 to advance an equitable climate in the tech industry.

What makes your office unique/attractive?

Our student housing is included at no extra cost, and students have an “elevator commute” to campus. All Devmountain courses are taught 100% in-person, on campus. This not only creates a nurturing community to help students study, but also allows students the opportunity to work on teams to develop portfolio projects together.

How will job roles evolve in the tech industry and what are you doing to keep up?

We’re always updating our curriculum based on the programming languages that best serve the needs of the industry. Sometimes, it works the other way around, and companies end up using the languages we teach.

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