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Founded in 2008, 900lbs is a future-focused interactive design agency with a mission to serve and empower our clients and industry trailblazers. As a design and development Special Forces Unit, we create a diverse range of interactive initiatives and visual content to showcase the art of the possible and make it a reality. With an arsenal of cutting-edge technologies, we bring complex and disruptive ideas to life to drive business results. Clients include: Royal Caribbean, Pepsi, Bell Helicopter, Resideo, Red Bull, DXC Technologies, NTT Data, Capital One, Amazon AWS, etc.

How does your company retain talent?

Our team knows how much we genuinely care about each other at 900lbs. With a great balance of EQ and IQ, we celebrate successes and collaborate incredibly on challenges. There are a diverse range of strengths on our team and our goal is for everyone to feel valued, especially with the great springboard we have built for personal and professional growth. I am thankful for our ever-learning inspired creative culture. It intoxicates you as soon as you come in the door.

Explain why it’s important to have diversity in the workplace. How does your company maintain and support diversity and inclusion?

It all begins and rests with me. My father was military and respect was ingrained at a young age. I was born in Germany, my mom’s family is Czech and my wife is Latin. I have traveled to 31 countries and I have always been fascinated with other cultures. We live in a big, connected world, so, appreciating what makes us all different and creating a sense of belonging is most important in our workplace and our lives.

What role does your company culture play in recruiting and retaining talent?

Passionate creative energy infects prospective team members and clients. While we have invested in an awesome office design, it is our people, clients, projects and swagger that give us a pull factor in the marketplace. People feel appreciated here even in a demanding environment.  With a best-in-class onboarding process, we will continue to reinforce our culture and connections to purpose, communities and friendships.

What role does tech talent play in innovating within your organization?

The tech and innovative mindset in our office drives us all forward. Organic problem-solving conversations spawn all around and we feed off of each other. Our “Drink & Learn”, 1:1 “Walks” and “Monkey Business” team think tanks produce compelling solutions for clients as well as fueling our creative spirit. R&D and staying on the leading edge of technology will continue to inspire our team and produce awesome work.

What trends do you foresee in the future of work?

Working in a unique and rapidly-changing environment and embracing accountability while communicating early and often will be key. Technical skills will require a dynamic, ever-evolving mentality as we merge tech and intangible tools together with customization. This will complement the digital transformation that every company is experiencing in ways we’ve never imagined. What an exciting time to be a nerd!

A version of this Thought Leaders article was first published in Dallas Innovates: The [Tech] Talent Issue.

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