This New ‘One-Stop Shop for Homeowners’ Does Everything From Christmas Lights to Landscaping

Frisco-based Chorbie provides full-service, on-demand solutions that are more convenient for homeowners. We spoke with the CEO and co-founder to discuss his plans to become the go-to experts for adding value and comfort to a property in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Urban Dictionary defines “chorbie” as a hybrid between a chore and a hobby; something that’s ordinarily dull, but at the same time tons of fun. But, it’s also the name of a new Frisco-headquartered home services startup—and when you meet EJ McCoy, you’ll realize why that makes so much sense.

McCoy, along with his business partner, Josh Cahill, has over a decade of experience in the home services industry in everything from lawn care to pet waste removal. For most of his adult life, McCoy and his entrepreneurial spirit have been fascinated by the multitude of businesses dedicated to taking care of a home.

“What I’m passionate about is homes and the beauty of a home, a well-maintained home,” McCoy, who is also the CEO, told Dallas Innovates. “I’m like a realtor in that sense. Realtors are very passionate about the beauty and the value of a home. I’m cut from that same cloth in a lot of ways.”

So he, along with Cahill and a leadership team, decided to do it all under a single brand with Chorbie.

Chorbie launched this summer as a “one-stop shop” for comprehensive home maintenance. The startup—which is entirely self-funded by McCoy and Cahill—aims to provide full-service, on-demand solutions that are more convenient for homeowners than others on the market. With a mission to “add value and comfort to customers’ homes,” Chorbie says it’s taking a new approach to the home services sector.

“I believe that with our experience, our skill-set, and the team that we’ve already built over the years, we’re able to come in and compete,” McCoy says. “[We’re] able to offer a variety of different services, which only further adds to the convenience for our clients.”

Most Chorbie clients are in Collin County, but the range of service stretches from Rockwall to Fort Worth just north of I-30. As the startup expands across the state and nationwide, and as the market continually changes, McCoy says he and his team will leverage technology to move with that.

Its current offerings include pretty much anything to do with residential maintenance: landscaping, fertilization, weed control, pest and termite control, junk removal, window washing, Christmas light installation, and more. And in the future, Chorbie wants to add more niche things like handyman services, electrical, or heating and air conditioning repair.

Chorbie is also equipped with a team of experts that can educate customers on best practices, service options, and maintenance tips.

“The industry is pretty split up into different professionals. Our goal with Chorbie is to bring it all into one company, under one brand, and build that brand around trust and convenience for homeowners,” McCoy says. “And, to really be a local resource here in Dallas-Fort Worth. We want to build the brand locally to kind of be the go-to experts for all that’s needed to add value and comfort to your property.”

McCoy says Chorbie is comparative to a digital marketplace for homeowners like HomeAdvisor, but different in that Chorbie has its own team that provides the services.

“They’re trying to connect somebody who needs landscaping to somebody who can do landscaping,” he says. “We’re going to be that connection, but also, we’re going to guarantee it, be apart of it, and take care of you.”

In some cases, Chorbie does subcontract the work to other people. But, the Chorbie team differs from others on the market because it’s “standing behind that contract”—and in most cases, doing the work themselves.

“The service itself is the easy part,” McCoy says. “Providing customer service, making sure that you communicate properly, and meeting expectations is challenging. That’s something that the home services industry by and large needed more so than others.”

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