Dallas Invents: 69 Patents Granted for Week of May 2

Patents granted this week include: Bank of America's travel identity tokening, Floway Innovations' adaptive fluid switches for autonomous flow control, Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co.'s hybrid power devices, Intuit's automated field-mapping of account names for form population, Lennox Industries's method for identifying causes of HVAC system faults, Nice Ltd.'s methods for retrieving and presenting information using augmented reality, Norton Lifelock's protecting from automatic reconnection with Wi-Fi access points having bad reputations, Raytheon's image turbulence correction of moving targets, Skyhigh Security's security service for an unmanaged device, Unification Technologies' methods for identifying storage resources that are not in use, and USAA's call routing using artificial intelligence.
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Dallas Invents: 104 Patents Granted for Week of April 25
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: AXIP Energy Services' carbon dioxide capture from exhaust gas, Bank of America's intelligent cash handling, Capital One's vehicle identification driven by AR, DFB Soria's topical treatment for skin malignancies using nanoparticles of taxanes,'s artificial intelligence platform, Pacesetter's communication session between an implantable medical device and an external device, RailPros' automated railroad signage device, Tango Networks' enabling call originations using SMS and hotline capabilities, and Textron's distributed battery bank for ducted-rotor aircraft..
Dallas Invents: 117 Patents Granted for Week of April 18
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 9 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: 7-Elevens' detecting of shelf interactions using a sensor array, Adobe's automatically removing moving objects from video streams, AT&T's data harmonization across multiple sources, BMIC's methods to enable automated roof planning using a processor, Caris Science's method for measuring the amount of at least one molecule in a biological sample, EIR Pharmaceuticals's aqueous extraction process of plants, Laminator Holding's monitoring a signage system of a transit vehicle, Raytheon's key terrain finder, Siemens Industry Software's process design and analysis, and Spark Biomedical's methods for the treatment of substance use disorders.
Dallas Invents: 120 Patents Granted for Week of March 21
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 9 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Alcon's pad transfer printing method for making colored contact lenses, AT&T's emotion-based authentication service, Cancer Diagnostics Research Innovation's method for diagnosing and treating esophageal cancer, Citicorp Credit Services' multifactor authentication systems, Digital Tonic's augmented reality platform, Reliant Immune Diagnostics' microfluidic testing system for mobile veterinary applications, Sixgill's method of counting livestock, StaCyc's bike frame having a drive module enclosure, Textron Innovations' illuminated rope as an aircraft emergency egress aid, Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America's artificial muscles having vacuum coupled electrode insulators, Zixcorp Systems' delivery of an electronic message using a machine learning policy, and more.

Dallas Invents: 132 Patents Granted for Week of February 28

Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Adaptive 3D and UT Systems' vat resin for 3D stereolithography printing, American Airlines' mobile ground equipment location monitoring, Brightplus Ventures's image enhanced liquid crystal display devices, CBN Nano Technologies' mechanosynthesis, Halo Microelectronics Co.'s wireless charging transmitter system , IBM's historical augmentation of electronic maps, Mirelz's real-time virtual try-on item modeling, Neurolens' measuring binocular alignment, RealPages' interaction-driven AI system and uses for same, including travel or real estate related contexts, Toyota's inflatable drone with shape memory alloy wires, and more.
USPTO Announces New ‘Patents for Humanity Green Energy’ Award Category
by | Mar 6, 2023

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has launched a special category of its Patents for Humanity Program for green energy inventions, a category that will provide business incentives for patent applicants, holders, and licensees whose inventions are addressing the challenges of climate change through green energy innovations, including wind, solar, hydrogen, hydropower, geothermal, and biofuels technologies....

USPTO Seeks Nominations for National Medal of Technology & Innovation
by | Feb 10, 2023
The nation’s highest honor for technological achievement will be bestowed by President Biden, the USPTO said. The medal is awarded to individuals, teams, and companies for outstanding contributions to the nation’s economic, environmental, and social well-being—through tech products, tech innovation, and strengthening America's tech workforce.
AI Master's Degree UNT
AI Innovation: U.S. Patent Office to Hold Public Meeting in Dallas on Emerging Tech, IP Challenges
by | Jan 26, 2023
Innovators across North Texas and entrepreneurs all over the U.S. are racing to launch (and patent) the latest breakthrough AI. That can lead to IP policy issues as emerging tech hits the market. On February 8, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will a public meeting to discuss how to promote innovation in AI and Machine Learning tech, to be held virtually and in person at the Arts District Mansion in Dallas. "The takeaways will shape future work on AI and ET policy," says USPTO Director Kathi Vidal.
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USPTO, Commerce Department Launch Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative to Empower More Women Founders

by | Nov 17, 2022
The WE initiative launches ahead of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day this Saturday, November 19, and comes on the heels of President Biden’s recent proclamation naming this month as National Entrepreneurship Month. “Unleashing the potential of women entrepreneurs is good for business, good for families, and good for our economy,” the U.S. Secretary of Commerce says.
Dallas Invents: 144 Patents Granted for Week of September 20
by | Oct 3, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. • Frito-Lay’s plant protein snack with meat-like texture
• Treble Innovations’ portable wireless endoscope
• Toyota’s systems and methods for automatically cleaning wheels
• Good Sportsman Marketing’s communication device for hearing protection devices
• Panacea Quantum Leap Technology’s bidirectional sensor circuit
• Badge’s biometric public key system providing revocable credentials
• AMS International AG’s method and device for estimating ambient light
• Heart Test Laboratories’ quantitative heart testing
• Futurewei Technologies’ transaction-based hybrid memory
Dallas Invents: 121 Patents Granted for Week of August 23
by | Sep 7, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 121 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include:7-Eleven's Event Trigger Based On Region-Of-Interest Near Hand-Shelf Interaction, Coronado Aesthetics' Delivery Of Nanoparticles, Her Technologies' Skin Rejuvenation Device, IBM's Assisted Smart Device Context Performance Information Retrieval, Intuit's Optimization Based On Archetypes, Match Group's System And Method For Modifying A Preference, Red River Tea's Touchless Beverage Dispensing Valve, Sigl-G's Geothermal Power Generation, Solo Brands' Combustible Fuel Burning Stove With Spark Arrestor, Toyota's Off-Highway Auto Ev Mode, ZscalerCloud-Based Virtual Private Access Systems And Methods For Application Access , Siemens Industry Software's Isometric Control Data Generation for Test Compression and Vive Scientific's Apparatus For Tissue Ablation Using Radiofrequency Energy And Method Of Use
Dallas Invents: 155 Patents Granted for Week of August 16
by | Aug 31, 2022
Bank of America's correction, synchronization, and migration of databases, Berkshire Biomedical's computerized oral prescription administration with refillable medication dispensing devices, UT Systems' cancer cell trap, Cleanspray USA's disinfection system for mass transit vehicles, Fujifilm Medical Systems' detecting errors in artificial intelligence engines, Knightscope's autonomous parking monitor, Micron Technology's modified checksum using a poison data pattern, Texas Instruments' handling non-correctable errors, Textron Innovations' fuel cell powered line-replaceable thrust module, The Nielsen Company's methods and apparatus to improve usage crediting in mobile devices, and UNT's ultrasonic through-wall sensors.

Dallas Invents: 128 Patents Granted for Week of May 18

by | Jun 2, 2021
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 12 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Apple’s adaptive multiplexing and transmit/receive diversity, Flypsi’s telephone network system, Micell Technologies’ coatings containing multiple drugs, Polte’s multi-path mitigation in tracking objects using a distributed antenna system, rewardStyle’s affiliate link generation, Tesla Laboratories’ mobile device as an input device for surveys at a live event, TMGCore’s liquid immersion cooling, Twitter’s swipe-to-like, and USAA’s biometric authentication on push notification.
Dallas Invents: 125 Patents Granted for Week of May 11
by | May 25, 2021
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: 7-Eleven’s event trigger based on region-of-interest near hand-shelf interaction, American Airlines’ monitoring/alert system for airline gate activities, Danco’s smart water system, Dell’s method to manage file access rights in an information handling system, Discourse.AI’s training of chatbots , Fresh Innovations’ avocado tray, Lintec of America’s tear-resistant nanofiber sheet, IBM’s managing transparent windows, Rain Bird’s volumetric budget based irrigation control, and RFCyber’s payments between two mobile devices.
Dallas Invents: 115 Patents Granted for Week of May 4
by | May 19, 2021
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Allied Bioscience's aqueous antimicrobial coatings, American Leather Operations convertible furniture, Caris Science's method for measuring the amount of at least one molecule in a bio sample, Siemens Industry Software 's environmental perception in autonomous driving STMicroelectronics' NFC antenna switch, Toyota's collaboorative robot hand bearing for high-torque tightening applications, and vSpatial's method for creating a collaborative virtual session.
Dallas Invents: 119 Patents Granted for Week of April 27
by | May 11, 2021
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Bank of America's authentication using blockchains, Dell's validation of data integrity through watermarking, Samsung's compensating for a movement of a sensor attached to a body of a user, SYNERGEN Technology Labs' baby monitor system sound and light delivery based on vitals,Toyota's parking meter monitoring and payment system, and Walmart's product recognition through multi-model image processing.