UpSmith Powers Its New Skilled Workforce Tool ‘Boost’ With $5M Raise

by | Jan 29, 2024
News of the $5M raise comes as Dallas-based UpSmith launches Boost, a new productivity app that's "a powerful tool to maximize sales performance and technician productivity" in construction and manufacturing. UpSmith Founder and CEO Wyatt Smith, a former Uber Elevate exec, says workers can redeem points earned on the app for tools, prizes, extra vacation days, and more.
The Last Word: SMU’s Thomas DiPiero on Partnership with edX for Data Science Online Learning
Data scientist has been called the sexiest job of the 21st century, according to the Harvard Business Review, which noted last summer that the job is "more in demand than ever with employers and recruiters." SMU's partnership with edX aims to give students more ways to pursue data science education in a way that makes the most sense for them.
Fort Worth’s Fulcrum Group Joins CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech Program
by | Mar 14, 2022
The IT managed services provider is the second Dallas-Fort Worth company in the last six month to participate in the program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. Apprentices will receive on-the-job and structured training, paired with mentorship and real work experience. With 18,600 DFW tech job postings last month alone, more talent is definitely needed.
Amazon Partners with Four North Texas Colleges and Universities on Fully Funded Tuition for Its Employees
by | Mar 3, 2022
Amazon's "Career Choice" partnerships with 140 universities and colleges across the country will provide fully funded college tuition opportunities to its 750,000 hourly U.S. employees. Today's announcement is part of Amazon's Upskilling 2025 pledge—a $1.2 billion commitment to upskill more than 300,000 Amazon employees by 2025.

Amazon Is Investing $1.2B to Provide College Tuition and Skills Training for Its Employees

by | Sep 9, 2021
43 percent of Texas workers say they'd leave their jobs if another company offered free skills training opportunities. In a tight labor market, Amazon's move could attract talent nationwide—including people like Tory Bias, a Dallas-based Amazon UX apprentice we spoke with today.