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Dallas’ American Heart Association-Backed Fund Raises Nearly $42M to Invest in Health Tech

by | Aug 3, 2022
The American Heart Association is looking to emerging technology to help in its fight against one of the leading global causes of death—cardiovascular disease.

The Dallas-based organization, alongside global health tech giant Philips, announced re-upping their investment in VC fund Cardiation Capital.
Pieces Helps Speed Patient Identification for National Cancer Study
by | Jun 8, 2022
Irving-based Pieces, a health care-focused AI company, is teaming up with a Philadelphia firm to accelerate patient identification for a National Cancer Institute colorectal cancer study. Nearly 10,000 participants will be needed across the U.S. Pieces will use its analytics platform—which combines AI with natural language processing, to “read” through hundreds of thousands of electronic colonoscopy notes and records—to quickly identify patients that meet the study’s criteria.