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If You Can’t Take the Heat, Plant More Trees: The Cool and Connected Oak Cliff Project

Posted by Lauren Hawkins

Trees accomplish more than just adding a little greenery to the Dallas concrete jungle — they affect air pollution, the temperature, and the entire community.

With the rising problem of urban heat islands, local organizations are stepping up with big …

3 Things: Startup Takes Bite Out of Shark Week

Posted by Amanda Hayes

Today’s stories include an app that provides an escape from reality, a green approach to saving on electricity, and a device that could help the average person become a farmer.

Fans of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week can now swim with …

Nonprofit RETREET Replenishes Trees Lost in Disasters

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg


Disasters change everything in a community, and the rebuilding process can take years. Slowly, though, new foundations are put down. Bricks are laid. Homes are rebuilt. Property is replaced.

But the trees, many of …