How Dallas’ Travelocity (and its Roaming Gnome) Are Keeping Globetrotting Alive—and Your Zooms Interesting

by | May 7, 2020
You could win $250.
Travelocity App Launches Augmented Reality Experience With Roaming Gnome Feature
by | Oct 30, 2018
Dallas-based Travelocity's AR allows you to capture the Gnome from anywhere in the world. We tested the tech for ourselves, and took him on a mini photo tour around our downtown HQ. But, the little guy isn’t just for pics — sharing Gnome content through Nov. 18 could win you a trip to Mexico.
Sadiant Health Launches Nurse Staffing App to Fix Provider Shortages, Burnout
by | Feb 5, 2018
Frustrated with the outdated staffing agency system, Leah Cooper started a company enabling health care facilities to find nurses via a mobile app.