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The ‘Eyeboretum’ Is Coming Back to Downtown Dallas, and It’s Gonna Get Eclipsed

by | Mar 26, 2024
The trippy, surreal, all-ages "imaginative outdoor garden" experience is back again April 5 through April 14 in honor of Dallas Arts Month. And this year the Eyeboretum will be even trippier for lucky ticketholders who already bought up a time slot on April 8—when a total solar eclipse will darken Dallas magically.
The Last Word: Meteorologist Jay Anderson on the Possibility of Clouds Hiding the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse
by | Mar 15, 2024
Dallas has a 60% average chance of cloud cover on April 8, according to a New York Times report based on data from April 7 through April 14 over the past 20 years, using measurements collected by the MODIS instrument on NASA’s Aqua satellite. "Average cloudiness" refers to the portion of the sky covered by cloud. So that means 60% of the sky might be covered in clouds that day, on average, with 40% open to blue sky and hopefully the eclipse itself.
Harold Simmons Park’s Prelude: Free Solar Eclipse Celebration at Trinity River on April 8
by | Mar 14, 2024
It's been 146 years since the last total solar eclipse wowed viewers in Dallas. The Trinity Park Conservancy says its April 8 event at the Ron Kirk Bridge and Felix Lozada Gateway will offer "a truly unique" way to experience the next one.
NASA Is Inviting You to Watch the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas
by | Feb 29, 2024
The free "Sun, Moon, and You" event at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas' Fair Park will offer a sky-side seat of an amazing total solar eclipse (fingers crossed for clear skies). Scientists and astronomers will be taking the stage along with space explorer characters from the PBS show "Ready, Jet, Go."

The Last Word: Total Eclipse DFW’s Jo Trazila on Why You Should Get Safe Viewing Glasses Now

In just 10 weeks, Dallas-Fort Worth will have a front-row seat for the April 8 total solar eclipse, when the moon will cover the sun and offer, for many, a once-in-a-lifetime celestial sight. But Jo But Trazila says 10 weeks from now is not when you should be thinking about getting safe viewing glasses.