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Distracted Driving: EdgeTensor’s AI Tech Keeps Drivers on the Alert

Posted by David Kirkpatrick

Distracted driving is a major safety issue on U.S. highways, and Dallas-based EdgeTensor Technologies is bringing artificial intelligence technology out of the cloud and behind the steering wheel to monitor drivers. The technology, originally developed for autonomous vehicles, detects distracted

Dallas to Test Smart, Pedestrian-Friendly Streets Within a Year

Posted by Dave Moore

smart citiesOne day, Dallas streets will be lit with diodes and loaded with sensors that detect pedestrians and cyclists, allow buses to bypass stoplights, and might even be able to charge electric vehicles as they whisk by.

That day might …

One Man Drives Council of Government’s Autonomous Vehicle Efforts

Posted by Lance Murray

smart citiesAutonomous cars are coming to North Texas roadways, and a one-man department at the North Central Texas Council of Governments is at the vanguard of planning for that day.

Thomas Bamonte, senior program manager for the autonomous vehicles department, is …