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Lessons in Crowdfunding: As Campaign Winds Down, Keep Efforts Strong for Final Push

Posted by Kim Rice

Jillian Jordan is puzzled.

Her first campaign for the Great Seed Bomb has proved out one of the truisms of community crowdfunding: “the money will come from your circle: your friends and their friends.”

Her millennial tribe, it turns out, …

Unreasonable Labs Names 10 Enterprises for Validation Program

Posted by Lance Murray

Unreasonable Labs North Texas has announced the cohort on 10 social enterprises that will go through its first-ever business model validation program that will run Sept. 12-16 at The Grove in Dallas.

The enterprises — Activate World, Narify, CoBrilliant Communications, …

The Great Seed Bomb: One Woman’s Idea for Saving the Planet

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

Pollinators are important. Not just because it’s crucial that we preserve our planet’s biodiversity and undo the environmental harm we’ve caused, but because our food sources need pollinators. There are 90 commercially grown crops that depend on honeybee pollination. Thirty-five …