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Art Buddies Program Aims to Inspire Children by Showing What’s Possible

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

Phrases like these are quoted so often they’re practically clichés: Children are the world’s most precious resource. Children are our hope for the future. Empowering kids is the best way to ensure their future success.

These are just lofty ways …

Music for the Soul

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

If you thought vinyl was dead, think again.

Records—that music format your parents collected back in the day; that old-timey technology that’s often the butt of ageist jokes—is experiencing a resurgence. Just ask Waric Cameron, co-owner of Josey Records, …

Meeting People Can Be Awkward: Enter Nawkr

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

If you’re a curious sort of person, you might have experienced this situation: you’re out and about and you notice an interesting-looking stranger. Maybe he’s reading a book you enjoyed or designing something cool on his laptop. You want to …

An Organization’s Approach to Sparking Creativity

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

The SPARK facility—11,000 square feet of renovated space in the historic South Side on Lamar building—looks like a playtime paradise. The play area is a tangle of slides, catwalks, winding stairways, spider-web-like climbing nets, crawl tubes, and stations for creative …

The People Making Us a Well-Read City

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

The Dallas literary renaissance is upon us—and it has arrived quickly.

“There was a huge gap here even just two and a half years ago,” says Will Evans, founder of Deep Vellum Publishing. “It’s happened really fast that Dallas …

The Great Seed Bomb: One Woman’s Idea for Saving the Planet

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

Pollinators are important. Not just because it’s crucial that we preserve our planet’s biodiversity and undo the environmental harm we’ve caused, but because our food sources need pollinators. There are 90 commercially grown crops that depend on honeybee pollination. Thirty-five …

Organization Aims to Ignite Creative Spirit in Richardson

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

Arts Incubator of Richardson (AIR) knows the importance of art—to creators and admirers of the arts, to businesses and organizations, to the community as a whole. With Kitty Goddard at the helm, AIR is on a mission to ignite creative …

High School Student Takes Grain From Brewery to Dog Dish

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

Spent grain is just what it sounds like—beer-making leftovers that serve no real purpose and often go to waste. According to, spent grain can account for up to 85 percent of a brewery’s total by-product.

Kyler Ashley is pretty …

These (Vegan-Friendly) Boots Are Made for Walking

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

Kat Mendenhall is a native Texan from a family of cattle ranchers, so it’s no surprise that she has a strong affinity for high-quality cowboy boots. She’s also a vegan, and when she realized her love for leather cowboy boots …