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Tribe Alive Empowers Female Artisans With Fashion

Posted by Meredith McGrath

Motherhood is a life-changing milestone for any woman, but for Fort Worth resident Carly Burson it sent her down an unexpected route of women empowerment with her ethical fashion brand, Tribe Alive.

Five years ago, while doing store design and …

Rebel With Cause Makes Trendy-But-Tough Footwear With Community Purpose

Posted by Rachel Linch

After wearing out her fourth pair of shoes during one trip, Texas Christian University grad Ivet Taneva realized the need for higher quality footwear in her life.

It was on this work trip to Switzerland where she had to walk …

Charlie & Grace Uplifts Rescue Animals With Style

Posted by Meredith McGrath

When Flower Mound hairstylist Blaire Spriggs began developing allergies to products she was using to style hair, she knew she would need to start thinking of an alternative to being behind the chair.

She thought about her passions. Fashion had …

Signature Cuffs Crafts Faux-French Cuffs — and Gives Back

Posted by Rachel Linch

Cynthia Sadler can remember the moment like it was yesterday. She was in a tailored black sweater dress that she’d been wearing all day at her job as a banker.

As she was leaving the office to go to an …

Zip Shop Giving a Boost to Brick and Mortar With Product Locator

Posted by Meredith McGrath

Susan Bruch has a mission to drive consumers back into brick and mortar stores with Zip Shop, a new product locator app to help shoppers find desired products at stores nearby.

Retail technology startup Your Style Unzipped is behind the …

North Texas Fashion Startups Make Big Impact With Style

Posted by Meredith McGrath

For some Dallas-Fort Worth brands, fashion is more than just a material world. It’s a way to make a difference. As fall fashion hits retail, we found five local startups with a fresh take and a mission of impact. Meet …

The Dallas Edit Exchange: Shop the Closets of Top Style Influencers

Posted by Westphall PR

Double tap. Screenshot. Follow link. Enter payment information. Shipped.

Boom, the shirt is yours!

Blogging and Instagram have revolutionized how we shop today. Many of us shop directly from our smartphones and are just one double tap or screenshot away …