CallisonRTKL Collaborates With Patriot on PODS Isolation Units for COVID-19 Patients

by | Jul 1, 2020
Dallas-based CRTKL SVP Jim Henry is leading the firm's COVID-19 recovery efforts out of Dallas. PODS containers are being repurposed into self-contained rooms with hospital beds that could be used for COVID-19 patients.
The ‘Airbnb of Storage’ Launches in North Texas
by | Mar 5, 2020 asks, 'Would you clean out your garage for $2,016?' The startup is jumping into the $5 billion Texas storage market through its peer-to-peer shared storage marketplace expansion.
ExxonMobil carbon capture
ExxonMobil Partners on Tech for Carbon Dioxide Capture, Storage
by | Jul 1, 2019
The breakthrough technology can capture and concentrate carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and industrial sources—including power plants.
Voodoo Robotics: HaaS Model Brings Innovative IoT Tech to the Supply Chain
by | Feb 8, 2019
The hardware’s service model eliminates barriers to costly new technology and allows companies to scale up as needed.