Steve Miff

Tech Titans’ 2023 ‘Fast Tech’ Rankings and Award Winners Take the Stage

by | Oct 11, 2023
Check out the fastest-growing technology companies in North Texas—and more than a dozen other award winners, from Community Hero to Hall of Famer—who were honored at the 2023 Tech Titans Awards Gala.
steve miff parkland pcci covid 19 innovation
Here’s How the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation is Working to Help Dallas Move Beyond the Pandemic
by | Mar 15, 2021
PCCI President and CEO Steve Miff says his team used machine learning and geomapping to visualize the progression of COVID-19 and to develop a Vulnerability Index to better target resources. In recent weeks, PCCI published a report saying their data shows the region should reach herd immunity sometime in June.
How Parkland, Social Services Providers Use Data to Improve Patient Care
by | Sep 25, 2017
The HIE connects the hospital system to social services organizations to help physicians and case managers better coordinate health care among disadvantaged patients.