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Corporate Citizenship Strategies Make Good Business Sense

Posted by Stacie Adams

Axxess is a Dallas Innovates is Silver Founding SponsorImmigration, healthcare, and civil rights used to be issues handled exclusively by politicians. In that process, changes would come from the top down and businesses would adapt. However, in the 21st century this traditional model has been flipped upside

Education Track DSW18: Scenes from Mac’s Southside & Wild Detectives

Posted by Dallas Innovates

The education track at Dallas Startup Week explored topics in human-centered design, entrepreneurship education, and activating youth for social change.

Martha Bujanda, principal at Dallas ISD’s Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy, posed the question during a Thursday event of whether …

GroundFloor Fellows Compete for $100K in OneUp Campaign

Posted by SVP Dallas

Doing good better, the focus of Social Venture Partners Dallas, can only happen when we work together. Through increasing our awareness of the incredible work already underway in our community, we can combine our efforts, build on each …

Dallas Heroes Project: Shining Light On Grassroots Change

Posted by Sean Caho


None of us suffer from a shortage of available stories or opinion pieces to keep us informed. With an infinite Facebook feed and myriad media outlets churning stories faster than we can …