Crown Laboratories Is Giving Skincare a Makeover and Replacing Hype With Hope

Dallas-based scientist Thomas Hitchcock, the mastermind behind Crown Laboratories' newest product called BIOJUVE, leverages a common skin microbe to optimize skin health. One local woman, after experiencing the products benefits firsthand in a clinical trial, says she "needs this in her life."

Hitchcock's innovative work harnessing the power of the skin microbiome has established a new category of skin therapeutics.
North Texas Farm-Grown Skincare Co. Launches ‘Smurfs’ Collaboration To Help Animal Rescues
by | Sep 19, 2023
Founded in 2004 with an early boost from Oprah Winfrey, FarmHouse Fresh focuses on high-nutrition ingredients and potent botanical extracts grown daily through sustainable hydroponic farming. It said the new partnership will bring the Smurf Forest to life while offering a real-world benefit—rescuing animals.
Dallas Skincare Trailblazer, BeautyBio, Acquired by Nu Skin Subsidiary
by | Aug 14, 2023
BeautyBio, known for merging skincare with unique beauty tools, transformed the at-home beauty scene and grew a devoted following. Now the "Truth in Beauty" brand, founded by model and entrepreneur Jamie O'Banion in 2011, is starting a new chapter.
Dallas’ Foundry Acquires Blu Atlas Men’s Personal Care in 8-Figure Deal
by | Jul 14, 2023
“Blu Atlas has successfully cracked the code by offering high-quality products crafted from natural ingredients, accompanied by great fragrances and appealing packaging," said Foundry co-founder and CFO Matt Rhodes.

Swiss American CDMO Nearly Doubles Manufacturing and Distribution with New Carrollton Facility

by | Sep 1, 2020
The news comes after the company was named one of Inc. 5000’s 2020 fastest-growing private companies this month. Swiss-American manufactures products critical to the healthcare supply chain.
L’Oreal, SkinCeuticals Unveil Personalized Skincare Service
by | Mar 13, 2018
D.O.S.E., a service that is engineered to scan and evaluate a person’s individual skin needs and create a tailor-made, corrective serum, was unveiled at the Fast Company Grill at South by Southwest.