Rogers Healy

Spinning Success: Dallas Startup Tuned In Grading Acquired by Music Mogul Steve Aoki Just Two Years Post-Launch

by | Mar 18, 2024
With bootstrap funding of less than $500,000 and a passion for vinyl, Rogers Healy and his co-founders at Tuned In Grading revolutionized music collectible authentication. Now, the beat goes on as the company prepares to merge with Steve Aoki's Audio Media Grading

Dallas Real Estate Entrepreneur Rogers Healy Launched a VC Fund in September. Here’s What He’s Done With a $5M Raise

by | Jan 13, 2023
An active VC investor for nearly 15 years, Healy went in full-bore in September by founding Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners. With $5 million raised since its launch, the"MoSe" fund has focused on Tiff's Treats, Siempre Tequila, laundry and dryer fragrance startup Laundry Sauce, and Catch'N Ice Cream.
Real Estate Entrepreneur Rogers Healy Launches RHA Land and Lake for ‘All Things’ Rural Texas
by | Mar 10, 2022
The pioneer in real estate social media and branding is launching his fifth company: RHA Land and Lake. Already owning the largest independent real estate firm in North Texas with a long list of celebrity clients, Healy relocates clients worldwide. Now he aims to place more people in down-to-earth rural properties across Texas, and "Texahoma" too—with a projected $50 million under contract by this spring.
Esports Teams OpTic, EnVyUs Reportedly Relocating to Dallas
by | Aug 15, 2017
Competitive gaming is becoming big business with major teams drawing large fanbases. Could Dallas become an esports hub?