Richardson Coffee Co. Partners with Japanese Innovator to Tackle Plastic Waste With TiMELESS Tech

by | Mar 2, 2023
Called TiMELESS, the new flexible film sealing technology eliminates the need for one-way plastic degassing valves common in the coffee packing, pet food, and various other industries. "TiMELESS technology has the dual advantage of helping to ensure optimum freshness in our U.S. and Mexico coffee products while simultaneously contributing to the reduction of plastics and providing more eco-conscious coffee to the world," said Masa Higashida, CEO of Richardson-based NuZee.
TI Expands Its Space-Grade Products for Missions From New Space to Deep Space
by | Nov 28, 2022

Dallas-based global semiconductor company Texas Instruments is expanding its lineup of space-grade analog semiconductor products in plastic packages that can used for a variety of missions—from new space to deep space....

Dallas Artists Create ‘Alive’ Art Installation in Fort Worth to Provide Viewers With a Safe Cultural Experience
by | Nov 2, 2020
Synthetic Aesthetic is an environmental piece meant to portray the idea that the human race has a parasitic relationship with nature. It's on display until Nov. 25 in Fort Worth’s SoMA district—see what you can expect with a socially distanced visit.