BPS Agriculture’s New Startup Is Using Tech to Help Farmers Reduce Environmental Impact and Stay Profitable

by | Sep 16, 2020
PureAcre, a subsidiary of Southlake-based BPS Agriculture, wants to significantly improve nutrient delivery and plant performance while solving challenges associated with large-scale farming.
research eyes
Discovery: UTD Scientists Focus on How Eyes Heal, UNT Prof Researches ‘Energy Molecules’
by | Jan 10, 2020
In this weekly roundup of research and development activity in North Texas, you'll also find out about a major honor given to an electrical engineering professor at the University of Texas at Arlington.
Discovery: UTD Scientist Finds Cause for Hot Batteries; BRIT, UNTHSC Collaborate on Research
by | Mar 15, 2019
In this roundup of research and development activity involving institutions in North Texas, you'll also read about a UTA professor that's using $900K in research grants to focus on monitoring structural integrity.
Dallas Inventor Gives Gardening a Technology Makeover With Mini Smart Terrarium
by | Jul 20, 2018
On the surface level, the patented OrchidBox allows people to garden anywhere, but inventor Nathan Hollis also wants to use the tech as an education tool to raise awareness about plant conservation.

DFW Research Roundup: Alleviating Pain, Plants & Snakes, $300K Grant for Protein Studies

by | Sep 1, 2017
Across North Texas, researchers are making discoveries and breakthroughs in their laboratories. Here's the latest on their efforts.
Brian D. Zoltowski
SMU Chemist: Protein Helps Plants Know When to Bloom
by | Jun 13, 2017
The research focusing on how a protein reacts to sunlight could help farmers grow crops under any conditions or any climate.
Can Viruses Deliver Medicine? UTD Researchers Investigating
by | Apr 4, 2017
The viruses used affect plants and bacteria, but aren't harmful to humans, researchers say.
UNT Researchers Crack Code of How Plants Form Tannins
by | Dec 2, 2016
The research could have far-reaching effects in human health, and in saving the environment.