Dallas Events Company Freeman Acquires Sparks, a Global Brand Experience Agency

by | Aug 1, 2023
When a 96-year-old company acquires a 104-year old company, some may think about the past. But Freeman and Sparks see their union as building toward the future—and "the immense potential" the two could share together.
Straddling Worlds: How Lynne Faust Balances a Thriving Life Science Career With Her Love for Equestrian Sports in Dallas-Fort Worth
Organic chemist Lynne Faust is a master at helping companies accelerate drug development at STA Pharmaceuticals, a top-tier contract research and development manufacturer. A move to Weatherford, 25 miles west of Fort Worth, didn't just catalyze her career—it also spurred on her long-time passion for competitive horseback riding, making her life a unique mix of test tubes and trotting.
‘Mini-MBA’ for Food-Related Businesses: Santander Opens Applications for Free Cultivate Small Business Program
by | May 11, 2023

Santander announced that applications are open for Cohort 8 of its Cultivate Small Business program for small food businesses in Dallas, Philadelphia, and Miami.

Santander said the program is “like a mini-MBA for food businesses” and is fully funded by Santander Bank....