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UTSW Partners on Study That Could Lead to Earlier Detection of Ovarian Cancer

by | Jun 17, 2024
Researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and UT Southwestern analyzed T-cell receptors in nearly 500 blood samples from pre-diagnostic patients with ovarian cancer. The results point to the potential of testing for biomarkers 2 to 4 years before most cases of HGOC are currently diagnosed.
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Discovery: UTD Works to Make Nanomedicines Safer; UTSW’s Breakthrough in Cancer Research
by | Jul 26, 2019
Also, you’ll find out about how a UTA researcher will use a $634,000 grant to study T cells’ role in cardiovascular disease in older people, as well as two UTD scientists who have received honors in this roundup of research and development activity in North Texas.
Discovery: Blood Plasma and Alzheimer’s, NanOlogy’s Ovarian Cancer Trial & Studying Hurricane Debris
by | Oct 13, 2017
Researchers across North Texas are doing cutting-edge work in a variety of fields — from medicine to weather. Here are some examples.