The Last Word: Brinc’s Mark Lang On Why Suspects Surrender to His Company’s Drones

by | Jun 29, 2023
On Tuesday, Dallas County held a Drone & Robotics Demo Day featuring presentations by 10 trailblazing companies. The event showcased a range of high-tech solutions—from surveillance drones to cleaning robots—that were both practical and, at times, awe-inspiring.
North Texas Innovation Alliance Teams Up to Supersize New Smart City Partnership
by | Oct 5, 2021
The NTXIA is a founding member of the new National Smart Coalitions Partnership, now one of the largest smart cities networks in the country. The organization unites more than 100 governments across seven regional smart cities consortiums. The goal? To accelerate sustainability and resilience in communities.
The NTXIA and Marketplace.city Announce Call for New Models to Accelerate Innovation
by | Jun 2, 2021
By helping the public sector unlock revenue sources, the NTXIA hopes to realize its mission: to create the most connected, smart, and resilient region in the U.S.