Northwestern University

Quantum Leap: UT Arlington’s $800K Research Project Pushes Boundaries in Quantum Science and Engineering

by | Dec 22, 2022
The highly competitive grant shows NSF’s willingness to expand the study of quantum information technology to universities that are aspiring to become major players in the field, said UTA professor Michael Vasilyeve, who will lead the project.

One purpose of the NSF's expansion program is to ensure a steady supply of skilled workers for the quantum information technology industry, which is constantly in need of more talent than is available.
SMU Collaborates on High-Res Cameras That See Around (and Through) Hidden Objects
by | Dec 2, 2021
Southern Methodist University and Northwestern researchers are working on technology that lets cameras record holograms of objects beyond the line of sight. The technology has defense, hazard identification, and medical applications.
VC fund
Chicago VC Fund Deepening Its Roots in Dallas, Planning First Texas Investment
by | Feb 15, 2018
Founder Equity is expanding its fee-free venture capital model to Dallas with plans to close its first area investment in the next month.