North Texas Smart Cities Summit


Summit: Experts Talk Balancing Realities With ‘Gee-Whiz Tech’ for Smarter Cities

by | Sep 22, 2018
At the North Texas Smart Cities Summit, IT specialists, engineers, public officials, and civil servants pondered the possibilities and perils of smart city technology that's ever closer to becoming commonplace. Dave Moore has the takeaway.
Summit: The Long Drive Toward
Scoring a Smart Cities TD
by | May 18, 2017
How close is Dallas to the proverbial smart cities end zone? Experts said there are still some yards to go, but local groups are making some strides.
smart cities
Smart Cities Summit: The World as We Will Come to Know it
by | May 17, 2017
Experts at the summit made their predictions for what is coming by 2025 at the Visionaries Roundtable.
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