UTSW Researchers Discover Liver Hormone Helps Drunk Mice Sober Up Quicker

by | Mar 7, 2023

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas have discovered that could lead to an effective treatment for acute alcohol intoxications.

The researchers reported in a new study that a shot of a liver-produced hormone called FGF21 sobered up mice that had passed out from alcohol. It allowed them to regain consciousness and coordination much faster than those that didn’t receive the treatment, UT Southwestern said....

UT Southwestern Team’s Gene Editing Battles 1-in-250 Heart Condition
by | Dec 21, 2022
UT Southwestern researchers have used gene editing technology to develop what could be a breakthrough for dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that affects one in 250 people worldwide. “The pace of this field is really breathtaking,” said Eric Olson, Ph.D., who co-led the study. “I expect that if this moves forward into patients, we’re not talking within decades—we’re talking within years.”​ 
UTD Researchers Link High-Fat Diets with Chronic Pain in Mice
by | Nov 21, 2022
“This study indicates you don’t need obesity to trigger pain; you don’t need diabetes; you don’t need a pathology or injury at all," says UTD researcher Dr. Michael Burton. "Eating a high-fat diet for a short period of time is enough." The finding could lead to further research on the impact of high-fat diets on chronic pain, a key component of the opioid epidemic—and potentially pharmacological solutions.
DFW Research Roundup: Stronger Bones, New PACCAR Chief, Defense Grant
by | Sep 8, 2017
Researchers from across Dallas-Fort Worth are doing remarkable work in a variety of fields. Here are a few examples from the areas of health, technology, and defense.