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Chamber, Capital One Create Online Guide to Help Innovators Succeed

Posted by Lance Murray

Innovation is a big deal in the Dallas area. We see it in every business sector, and innovators are hard at work all across the region creating new products, generating new ideas, and starting new companies.

Now, there’s a new …

Health Wildcatters Named Among Top U.S. Accelerators

Posted by Lance Murray

Health Wildcatters, the Dallas accelerator for health-related startups, has been named one of the top accelerators in the country by the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project for the second year in a row.

The project recognized 30 accelerators nationwide, and awarded …

Helping Startups Reach the 2-year Mark of Success

Posted by Trey Bowles


It is often said that eight out of 10 companies fail within the first two years of launch.

Here at The DEC, our goal is to flip that number around so that eight out