Southlake’s Sabre Corp. Adds Former Lyft CFO to Its Board

by | Feb 9, 2024
Elaine Paul, the former CFO of Lyft, Amazon Studios, and Hulu, has been elected to Sabre's board, effective Feb. 16. On that same day, Zane Rowe and Rachel Gonzalez will retire from the board.
Tech Talk and ‘Meaningful Connections’: 10 Takeaways From Venture Dallas 2022
by | Nov 7, 2022
At last week's Venture Dallas conference, more than 400 VCs, angel investors, startups, and business leaders gathered for a showcase of North Texas' entrepreneurial and venture ecosystem. Here's a look at the highlights—from Troy Aikman saying "There are no shortcuts" to Alto Founder Will Coleman on the power of doing "the opposite" to Mark Cuban's "ready, fire, aim" approach. “Regions like Texas and Dallas-Fort Worth, we’re the model for the rest of the nation on how to get things done," Ross Perot Jr. said at the conference kickoff.
Meet the Young Dallasite Who Wants to Fulfill the ‘Long Forgotten Promise of Intercity Travel’
by | May 17, 2021
22-year-old Dallas native Kush Singh launched Hitch at UT Austin to provide an affordable rideshare in the 50-350 mile range. Now, Hitch looks to expand beyond Texas and become a national household name post-pandemic.
Lyft per scholas
Lyft Partners with Per Scholas Dallas to Give Free Rides for Training Sessions, Site Visits, and Employment
by | Nov 26, 2019
The Lyft Jobs Access Program will provide Per Scholas members with rides in order to close short-term transportation gaps through Dec. 31.
Mobility as a Service

Denton Transportation Authority Expands Options via Mobility as a Service Model

by | May 6, 2019
From scooters to ridesharing to autonomous vehicles, DCTA is combining services from 31 public and private transportation providers in the communities it serves.
View from the Scooter: Uber Brings ‘Ride Pass’ to Dallas, SMU Tests Scooters on Campus
by | Mar 28, 2019
You'll also find doctors urging scooter safety, and 'Birdeo + Limet,' a classic tale of romance, rivalry, and, yes, scooters.
Lyft Launches its Scooters in Dallas, Debuts $5-a-Month Community Pass Program
by | Mar 28, 2019
Lyft had a busy week—first launching their scooters in Dallas, then a debuting a much-anticipated IPO on Wall Street that raised $2.34 billion Friday.
Lyft Rolls Out Monthly Subscription Option
by | Oct 16, 2018
With the All-Access subscription plan, riders will pay $299 every 30 days for 30 trips up to $15 each. Interested? The plan is coming to Dallas-Fort Worth.

Lyft Challenges DFW Residents to Ditch Their Cars for 30 Days, Announces “CAR-nival” Rides For State Fair

by | Sep 28, 2018
The #DitchYourCar program will randomly select 50 locals to participate. Those chosen will then trade their vehicles for about $600 of transportation credit.
gig economy
Workforce of the Future: How Companies Should Handle ‘Onboarding’ in the Gig Economy
by | Sep 27, 2018
As companies within the gig economy such as Uber, Airbnb, and Lyft continue to expand, Brian Sullivan and Katherine Vatalaro believe that companies should focus on the onboarding process.
mass transit
Arlington Turns to Rideshare Service Via for Mass Transit
by | Nov 27, 2017
Arlington will become the first U.S. city to convert its entire mass transit operation into so-called micro transit.

Lyft to Donate Portion of
Rides to Paul Quinn College

by | Jun 16, 2017
The rideshare company will give one percent of all rides to and from Paul Quinn's campus to the college's Work Program.
MedStar, Lyft Partner to Offer Transport For Low-Risk Patients
by | Apr 26, 2017
The partnership between the mobile ambulance service and ride-sharing company is one of the only ones of its kind in the country.
Rideshare Apps Drive Millions into Dallas Economy
by | Dec 14, 2016
Because of rideshare services, people stay out later, save time and explore new places, a Lyft survey shows.
Ride-A-Long Media Gives Lift to Rideshare Ads
by | Nov 9, 2016
Ads are displayed on the backs of the seat for Uber and Lyft passengers to see.