Facility Planning Expert: Disinfectant Tech Is Going Mainstream to Limit Spread of Infectious Disease

Advanced technologies—used for decades in healthcare facilities and labs—could become ubiquitous in office, restaurant, and retail spaces, as well as public spaces like sports arenas. Businesses can consider multi-layered solutions—such as combining masks and social distancing with modern tech—to create safer and more resilient workplaces, says Broaddus exec Scot Sanders.
Discovery: UTSW Studies Tiny Membrane Protein, UTD Prof Gets $2.4M for ‘Atomically Precise Manufacturing’
by | Mar 8, 2019
You'll also find out about a UT Dallas physicist developing a new way to control light that comes from crystal seminconductors in this roundup of research and development activity in North Texas.
Eisemann Edge Endowment Fund Promotes Exploration of Technology and Art
by | Mar 7, 2019
The first installation under the new initiative between the city of Richardson, the Eisemann Center, and UT Dallas is planned for March 2020.
Upcoming AURORA Exhibit Seeks Proposals from Dallas-based Artists
by | Jul 13, 2018
AURORA is an extensive public experience that focuses on the art of light, video, and sound. The fifth edition of the exhibit will be debuting at the end of the year with a new theme, “Future Worlds”.