The Last Word: LibDib’s Cheryl Durzy on Graduating a Craft Tequila Brand to RNDC Distribution

Last September, we wrote about how LibDib was partnering with Grand Prairie-based Republic National Distributing Company to launch LibDib@RNDC Texas. Its goal was to be the “Airbnb of alcohol distribution” in the Lone Star State—giving makers of boutique craft beverages access to RNDC’s Texas-wide distribution system. 
LibDib—the ‘Airbnb of Alcohol Distribution’—Partners With Grand Prairie’s RNDC To Give Craft Spirits Makers Access to Texas-Wide Market
by | Sep 8, 2021
Grand Prairie-based beverage distributor RNDC has partnered with LibDib to launch LibDib@RNDC Texas—giving craft spirits makers access to restaurants, bars, and shops across the state. "The 'little guys' now have a chance," LibDib says. "It's time to distribute differently."