Volvo Autonomous Solutions Opens Fort Worth Office for Self-Driving Trucking Runs to El Paso and Houston

by | Jun 8, 2023
Volvo's Fort Worth office will set up the first V.A.S. autonomous freight corridors from Dallas-Fort Worth to El Paso and from Dallas to Houston. The company has already begun manual test runs with partners including Uber Freight and DHL. See who else is rolling autonomous trucks out of DFW—and why North Texas has become a key testing ground "to change the way we move goods on highways."
Kodiak Robotics is Moving to DFW to Make Texas the Home of Self-Driving Trucks
by | Aug 6, 2019
Kodiak Robotics is paving the road to a driverless future with its self-driving long-haul trucking technology. From a new facility in North Texas, Kodiak is testing and growing its freight operations to eventually provide the first commercial application of autonomous driving at scale.