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NBA Takes Equity Stake in Dallas Micro-Betting Odds Provider nVenue

by | Dec 7, 2023
Nine months after being selected by the NBA Launchpad program, nVenue has sold an equity stake to NBA Equity—and gotten a new board observer out of the deal.
Dallas’ nVenue Is Named One of 20 Sports Tech Ideas to Invest in Now
by | Feb 8, 2023
Sports Pro Daily is out with its 2023 list of 20 Sports Tech Ideas to Invest in Now—and local startup nVenue has made the list. Dallas-based nVenue's predictive analytics platform takes real-time data of what’s happening in a game and runs it through “millions” of models to show the predictive percentage of what could happen next. nVenue's tech is "helping bookmakers and broadcasters generate value from every moment in every game," Sports Pro Daily writes.
Dallas-Based nVenue Raises $1M to Fuel Growth in Sports ‘Micro-Betting’ Market
by | Sep 7, 2022
The startup found early traction in 2021 as part of the Comcast NBCUniversal SportTech Accelerator. Its predictions are now displayed on two MLB games per week on Apple TV+’s Friday Night Baseball.

That work with broadcasters is "helping get the market used to the type of real-time analytics," says Co-Founder and CFO Drew Williams. nVenue innovates in the watch-and-bet market and aims to turn prediction displays into actionable betting items for fans, "providing operators almost a million markets that they can take today."
Dallas Sports Analytics Startup Raises $3.5M to Predict the Next Play in the Game
by | Mar 3, 2022
Dallas-based nVenue, a real-time B2B sports prediction platform, breaks games down into thousands of "micro bet" moments—with a single baseball game offering 15,000 "betting opportunities." After providing its live tech feed during NBC MLB broadcasts last season, it's now widening its focus to the NFL, the NBA, and other sports—and looking to scale its offering.