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14 emergin tech trends dallas fort worth

14 Emerging Tech Trends for 2021—and Dallas-Area Companies That Are Innovating for the Future

From ABIA to Zyvex, Dallas-Fort Worth companies are at the forefront of innovations in AI, 5G, quantum computing, genomics, and more.
Zielke winner of Tech Titans' 5G Grand Challenge Virtual Teacher artificial intelligence
Tech Titans’ 5G Challenge Winner: ‘We See a Future Society of Synthetic and Real Humans Working Together’
by | Oct 14, 2020
UT Dallas' Marjorie Zielke, winner of the 5G award, says her AI/VR platform could "eventually create stand-alone, life-like holograms of virtual teachers." Judge Mark Cuban commented on the tech's potential to provide access to virtual teachers for students attending disadvantaged schools.
Hilti fasteners
High-Tech Nuts and Bolts: Hilti Brings IoT-Enabled ‘Smart’ Fasteners to Construction Industry
by | Feb 5, 2020
Each connected fastener has a unique identifying code to ease the digital documentation of anchors, screws, and bolts installed on a job site.
Follow the Money: Crescent Raises $24.6M for Fund; Geoforce Sells Majority Stake; NTT Data Services Makes Acquisition
by | Dec 19, 2019
In this weekly roundup of funding, merger, and acquisition activity in North Texas, you'll also find news about Mark Cuban, Crestline Investors, Maverick Fitness Holdings, Texas Ventures, MoneyGram, Caregiver Inc., Vertical Communications, and Strait Lane Capital.
QED Secure Solutions awarded for Department of Homeland Security IoT Test

Coppell Cybersecurity Firm Awarded $200K for Department of Homeland Security IoT Test

by | Oct 15, 2019
QED Secure Solutions is conducting a field test—described by the DHS as a "secure trust anchor for the Internet of Things"—as the final phase of a project called Securing the Internet of Things.
StackPath Launches Containers, Virtual Machines on the Edge
by | Feb 5, 2019
The new edge platform allows users to upload images of workloads, choose the size of the container or VM, and select which StackPath edge nodes where the workload is deployed.
Project Runway: New Innovation Officer Tackles Travel Roadblocks at Dallas Fort Worth Airport
by | Jan 25, 2019
Biometric scanning, virtual reality, and augmented reality are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving the airport experience, says Dallas Fort Worth Airport's Chief Innovation Officer.
IoT Startup Haxiot Launches Platform, Eyes Series A Funding
by | Sep 19, 2018
Demand for low-cost and low-power-consumption wireless tech is exploding in enterprise and industrial IoT — and Haxiot has the first device-to-cloud solution, according to COO Youyi Kitson.
Onera's Sarah Strobhar, Smart Sorting , scott mackey and david matthews

Emerging Technologies Summit: Harnessing AI, Blockchain & IoT for Future Disruption

by | Apr 23, 2018
The two-day event at UTD brought together experts from IBM, the SEC, and tech startups to discuss ways these technologies could change the world.
Wholesome Grub
Oscar Miranda ‘Pushing the Boundaries’ to Propel Food into the Future
by | Apr 3, 2018
The former U.S. Army chef seeks to merge technology and health in new and exciting ways.
Dallas Startup Week
Dallas Startup Week 2018: Day 1 Roundup
The free, five-day celebration of all things startup is officially underway.
Corey Egan
The Future of IoT Rests on Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together
by | Apr 2, 2018
Within two years, the IoT market could become a $11 trillion market said Ilumi Solutions CEO Corey Egan during Dallas Startup Week.
Idea generators in North Texas

Master Minds:
North Texas Idea Generators

by | Jan 30, 2018
These North Texas innovators are making a name for themselves, in areas from startup to enterprise and creative to education.
NTT Data
Q+A: NTT Data Services CTO Talks Automation, Future of Workforce & His New Role
by | Nov 16, 2017
Kris Fitzgerald is reshaping the CTO role at the IT services provider.
Anousheh Ansari
Richardson’s Prodea Acquires Silicon Valley Company
by | Jul 27, 2017
Prodea Systems Inc. is acquiring Arrayent Inc. to combine technologies to deliver the first carrier-grade IoT platform.
capital fund
AT&T Announces $200M Venture Capital Fund Investment
by | Jul 6, 2017
The fund is intended to help AT&T find solutions to some of the toughest technology issues facing the nation.