Dallas’ Ylang 23 Partners with Immerss for Livestreamed Jewelry Shopping, Digital ‘Clienteling’

Ylang 23—a designer jewelry store in Preston Center that's served Dallas for 35 years—has partnered with the Dallas-based live-commerce company Immerss to bridge the gap between in-person and online shopping. By using the latest tech from Immerss, Ylang 23 aims to provide customers with a more personalized and intimate shopping experience—from live-streamed trunk shows to personal presentations and more.
Dallas Startup Immerss Aims To Be the ‘Go-To Solution’ for Live E-Commerce
by | Sep 1, 2022
Working with San Antonio-based bootmaker Lucchese, Immerss delivered a use case that gave the brand a real kick, with a live e-commerce shopping experience that moved the majority of Lucchese sales to direct-to-consumer. That turned the bootmaker from client to investor through a $1.1 million seeding check. Now Immerss is looking to raise millions more to become the "go-to solution" for live e-commerce. Co-founder Patrick Jacobs told Dallas Innovates an early meeting with Lucchese's president led to a "lightbulb moment"—one that set Immerss on an innovative new path.
Immerss Raises $1.1M in Seed Funding to Accelerate Its Live Video ecommerce Platform
by | Sep 8, 2021
Immerss aims to redefine the at-home shopping experience with its real-time video conferencing tool for brands and retailers.