North Texas’ Hunt Perovskite Technologies Merges With 1366 Technologies to Form CubicPV

by | Jun 29, 2021
The newly combined company received $25 million in funding from Hunt Energy Enterprises (HEE), First Solar, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and others. Hunt Perovskite Technologies was created and incubated within HEE.
Hunt Perovskite Technologies Gets $2.5M in Funding from the Department of Energy
by | Apr 14, 2021
Dallas-based Hunt Perovskite Technologies, part of Hunt Consolidated Inc, is one of the 22 selected for a new program from the DOE dedicated to making perovskite photovoltaic devices commercially available. If validated, the tech could make solar cells more efficient at a lower cost—but first, the projects have to overcome the issue of it being too unstable to commercially use.
Hunt Energy Network’s New Venture Will Put 50 Batteries Across Texas, Giving ERCOT a Portfolio of Energy Generation
by | Apr 1, 2021
Dallas-based HEN Infrastructure, newly launched by Hunt Energy Network and Manulife Investment Management, will supply ERCOT with some 500MWs of distributed energy across the state. It's timely, given the recent winter freeze, but the deal has been in the works for years. That's because Hunt Energy Network CEO Pat Wood and his team see batteries as the wave of the future—"and the future is coming a little faster than we thought."