heart failure

Dallas Trio To Bring ‘Specialists to Patients’ With Rural Cardiac Telemedicine Pilot

by | Mar 6, 2024
With support from the American Heart Association, Access TeleCare and UT Southwestern Medical Center are spearheading a two-year initiative aimed at improving cardiac care for rural patients.
Discovery: Research Examines Sleep at Molecular Level, Scientist Studies Water Retention & Heart Failure
by | Jun 15, 2018
Also, a University of North Texas graduate student finds a way to protect nanoelectronics. Here are some of the research projects and people making strides in the North Texas research community.
heart failure
Discovery: New Tech to Battle Heart Failure, Crystals Behave Unexpectedly Under Heat
by | Jan 26, 2018
Research and scientific breakthroughs are happening every day in laboratories and universities across North Texas. Here are some of their stories.
Dr. Hesham Sadek
UTSW Researcher Leading Team Seeking Ways to Regenerate Damaged Heart Muscle
by | Jul 25, 2017
Dr. Hesham Sadek will be the American coordinator for a team of researchers in Madrid, London, Paris, Stockholm, and New York.